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A Journey of Self-Discovery

Will McCastle

Professional Astrologer

Will McCastle is a Professional Astrologer and Metaphysical Counselor based in Tucson, Arizona. Considering himself a lifelong student of astrology with over 30 years of experience, Will has conducted thousands of readings within his lifetime. He specializes in the translation of planetary motion to assist individuals in such matters as self-empowerment, relationship compatibility, business development, life planning, and spiritual evolution. Will also speaks to groups regarding the role of astrology in world affairs, and teaches astrology as a divinatory language in an effort to expand the boundaries of human potential.

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The Power of Translation

"Even in times of high technology, astrology still whispers the prime mythology from which science is born.  Astrology will always hold a greater context for the matters of our lives if we are dedicated and open to the honest translation of its message."

~Will McCastle

"The time you took and your insights were appreciated more than you know."


"Will is a natural. His insights are both loving and compassionate with a wonderful blend of light and truth."


"Will McCastle is the best astrologer I have ever had."


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