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Realizing Your Personal Potential

Choosing a Service

Astrology is a useful tool in navigating such matters as career, love and overall wellbeing.  You choose the service that best fits your needs.  In order to book your service we will need your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth (useful information can still be obtained without a birth time) to create your unique birth chart.  Time is taken for the study of each chart.  Prior to your reading you will receive an email containing your natal chart and other materials pertinent to your specific reading so that you may follow along.  Upon request you can receive a free recording of your session to reference at a later time.

Services are conducted by phone or video through Zoom.


Natal Astrology

A Natal Chart reading is a wonderful introduction to Astrology.  A mapping of the planets in our solar system at the time of your birth creates your Natal Chart.  From this map we can determine your gifts as well as some of the challenging energies you may be facing with respect to your free will.  Though the natal chart is a picture of the universe at the time of your birth it lays the foundation that make up the elements of your personality, gives insight into energies that will follow you throughout life, as well as an understanding of your relationship with the universe.  The benefit of a natal consultation is self-discovery and an opportunity to overcome personal limitations, develop your natural gifts, and learn tools to maximize your personal potential.  Topics can range from travel, love, career, health and spirituality.

50 Min. Phone Consultation - $200

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12 Month Forecast

A 12 Month Forecast is a personalized picture of your upcoming year utilizing the transiting planets, significant planetary progressions in addition to other proven techniques for astrological predictions.  This forecast insures that such matters as major life themes and lessons are brought into focus.  Particular opportunities for growth and expansion will be exposed.  Also covered will be the detection of prime windows for love, as well as dates for when career and security decisions should be made or avoided.  Most importantly, specific areas for self-development over the upcoming year are additionally revealed.

50 Min. Phone Consultation - $200

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Relationship Compatibility

Relationship Compatibility takes the natal charts of two individuals who are either in or exploring a relationship to combine and compare their charts.  In doing so this highlights the strengths and weakness of those individuals to help support a healthy relationship.  Compatibility charts are not limited to intimate love relationships, but also includes family and friend relationships, as well as business partnerships.  With this service you will learn about the innate gifts and challenges that a particular relationship may hold and learn ways to overcome obstacles insuring the prosperity of the relationship.  The well-being of our relationships are just as important as the relationship we hold with ourselves. 

1 Hr. 20 Min. Phone Consultation - $250

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Astrocartography utilizes your natal chart to determine areas globally that hold meaningful personal potential.  Superimposing your natal chart over a world map highlights places that support experiences such as love, financial security, extended vacations, relocation, supported learning, comfort, growth and development.  With Astrocartography you can also utilize  energy from particular locations without physically being there.  For example, Astrocartography can be a great way to decide with whom to do business, where to invest, and where you can experience the most global success.

Please note when booking this service the exact time of birth is required.  The time of birth is significant to the accuracy of the Astrocartography chart.  Without an exact time of birth any information related to your reading cannot be guaranteed.

50 Min. Phone Consultation - $180

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Spiritual Pathways

Spiritual Pathways is an insightful consultation designed for those seeking a deeper understanding of their lives and their relationship to the universe.  The significance of your past as it relates to your future purpose and destiny is the link between astrology and spirituality.  This service highlights your unique spiritual gifts such as creativity, intuition and the navigation of your spiritual path.  With this reading you will gain self-alignment and spiritual development exclusively placing a focus on the spiritual blueprint connecting life’s significant events.

50 Min. Phone Consultation - $200

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Subject Specific Consultation

Subject specific consultations are designed for those who would like the primary portion of their reading focused on one or two specific issues life presents.  These readings are subject focused allowing the seeker to process issues with alternative perspectives.  This service is beneficial for those who are focused on timing of events such as weddings, career changes, transitions or even those faced with challenges and obstacles.  Subject specific consultations provides a time line of events and tools to best support your journey.

50 Min. Phone Consultation - $200 

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Policies at Astral Life Astrology

At Astral Life we strive to make each experience satisfying and secure.  We understand that attention to quality customer care is a key component to our growing success.

Therefore, please feel free to contact us at anytime with questions about our services and policies, or if you need to reschedule or cancel a service.  Cancellations made 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of consultation will be granted a full refund.  Customers who are unavailable for consultation due to unforeseen circumstances and where unable to cancel prior to the 24 hour cancellation period will have an opportunity to reschedule their service.

We also practice full confidentiality and the protection of all personal data related to each client.  Therefore, at Astral Life:

We never share your personal data with third parties.

Consultations are only recorded with client permission.

Birth related information is only kept on file with client permission.

Astral Life is a secured site

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